Sponsors Page

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How it works…

Teens agree to be tech-free during a 24 hour “kNOw Tech-A-Thon,” raising awareness about the need to balance technology usage in their lives. While doing so, they raise funds for causes important to them by getting people to be their Sponsors. That would be YOU 🙂

Donation amounts

We ask that you base the amount of your tax-deductible Donation on the 24-hour nature of the kNOw Tech-A-Thon. ($1 per hour would mean a $24 Donation. $2 per hour = $48 donation. $3 per hour = $72 donation, etc…)

Payment Method

You need a credit card to make your Donation Pledge. Your personal and credit card information is completely secure and we do not share it with any other organization for ANY reason.

More than money…

We need Sponsors to do online monitoring of the Teen’s social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) during the kNOw Tech-A-Thon – to help keep them honest! Call or text them. Hopefully they won’t answer! If you find the Teen has violated their kT4T Promise at any point during the kNOw Tech-A-Thon, you can request that your Donation be refunded.

Click HERE 2 Sponsor a Teen now!