Yes! His CELL PHONE that is. After Mr. Fisher’s cell phone broke, he’s decided not to replace it, and go (cell) phoneless for one year. That’s right! ONE WHOLE YEAR without a cell phone!

He has three reasons for this drastic act:

  1. He hates that everyone is always on their cell phone – himself included!
  2. He wants to prove to himself and others that a person can live a successful, productive and fulfilling personal and professional life without the use of a cell phone. In fact, he’s betting that not having a cell phone will allow him to be even more successful.
  3. He’ll be able to point out to his singers and their audiences that going phoneless for a rehearsal or a performance is nothing compared to going phoneless for an entire year 🙂

(Please turn off your cell phone!)

Mr. Fisher’s challenge to you…

Follow Mr. Fisher’s blog as he shares thoughts during his year-long journey without a cell phone.

Steven FisherConsider sponsoring Mr. Fisher at $1 a day for the next year. All donations will benefit the kNOw Tech 4 Teens organization, which in turn benefits wonderful organizations like the Tyler Clementi Foundation, End Distracted Driving, Sunday Suppers, and the Jacob Marberger “Hawk” Foundation. Any donation amount is appreciated.

Feel free to email Mr. Fisher at You can leave a message at 215-704-3407. He will retrieve the message and call you back – on a LAND LINE 🙂