Some thinking from a pioneer on the Internet, and why he begs you to leave social media behind. By Ja’han Jones, Huffpost Personal

Jaron Lanier Helped Create Social Media, And Now He’s Begging You To Leave It Behind

by Ja’han Jones, Huffpost Personal

Ja’han Jones writes:

Jaron Lanier

Jaron Lanier played a key role in expanding the internet, but has always been skeptical of its influence. (CANALTECH vis Huffpost)

“Social networks were supposed to be the ultimate tool of democratization. In the earliest days of the internet, many in the tech world congratulated themselves for ushering in a new era of dialogue in which increasing the number of voices would lead to a more civilized, informed society.

“As a forefather of the digital age, Jaron Lanier was not only present during this time; he is widely considered one of the digital world’s most influential creators. Lanier is often lauded by tech enthusiasts as the ‘Father of Virtual Reality.’ In 1985, he co-founded the first company to sell wearable virtual reality gloves and goggles, and in 1997, he served as chief scientist for a project largely responsible for broadening the internet for global use — a project called Internet2.

“Lanier has since ascended to guru status in tech circles, issuing warnings about a digital world he helped make. Back in 1992, he predicted a society in which people live ‘in a sort of fetal position, where are seated in a soft chair looking at the world through a glass square.’

“Lanier’s critique went a step further, with his suggestion that ‘there’s a Western myth that technology will save us.'”

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