How do I raise $ for my cause?

How it works…

Participants in a kNOw Tech-A-Thon ask people to sponsor them by making a tax-deductible donation. The proceeds benefit a designated charity.

People who make a Donation are known as your kT4T Sponsors.  Anyone can be your Sponsor – a relative, a teacher, a friend. They do need a credit card.

Donation Amounts

Your Sponsors are encouraged to base their Donation amount based on the 24-hour nature of the event.  $1 per hour would be a $24 Donation Pledge, $2 per hour = $48, $3 per hour = $72, etc…

Adults can click here to become a Teen’s Sponsor by making a Donation.

Keeping You Honest…

In addition to making a donation, Sponsors are asked to do online monitoring of your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) during the kNOw Tech-A-Thon – to help keep you honest! They may call or text you. Don’t answer! If a Sponsor finds you have violated your kT4T pledge at any point during the kNOw Tech-A-Thon, they can cancel their Donation.

Top “kNOw Techie” Cash Prize!

The Teen who logs the most hours of kT4T Activities during a kNOw Tech-A-Thon wins a cash prize. So does the Teen who raises the most money for the designated charity.