I feel free! Who knew that forgoing a cell phone could feel THIS good. It must be the way a person who gives up smoking or drinking or some other vice, except that I don’t miss it AT ALL.

Though I don’t miss my cell phone, within the first 24 hours of giving it up, the challenges started becoming apparent.

  1. Directions. I can’t use my phone to find places when I’m driving. Time to pick up a GPS.
  2. Listening to music in my car. I can’t listen to music via bluetooth. Guess I’m going to finally learn to speak Spanish. My friend Heidi very kindly bought me a a CD program, as I travel to her beautiful country of Chile each January to do a choral workshop with singers and conductors. I’ve had good and bad stretches making use of this generous gift. But now, I have lots of time traveling back and forth between Philly and New York. With nothing to listen to and no one to speak to, it’s Hola Espanol!
  3. Checking my phone messages and returning calls. I am getting into a routine of checking my phone messages several times a day and then returning calls on land lines.

I’m well aware that my cell phonelessness is going to cause some frustrations, not only for me but for those in my life personally and professionally. So thanks in advance for your patience as I figure out how to do this!