How does KT4T help teens in crisis?

It’s easy! Teens agree to go technology-free for 24 hours, and ask people in their lives to sponsor them for it, much like they would for a read-a-thon or a dance-a-thon. The money raised is donated to KT4T charites-of-choice that help teens in crisis. To learn more about KT4T charities-of-choice, click here.

You REALLY want me to go technology-free for 24 hours???

Yes. It’s going to be a challenge, but it’s also gonna feel good – in lots of ways.

Just HOW technology-free do you mean?

Meaning no cell phone (land lines allowed), no computers and laptops, no twitter and facebook, not even video games. Nothing, nadda, net, zero, zip, zilch. But DON’T PANIC! You can do this! To learn more about how it works, click here.

What EXACTLY is the point of being technology-free for 24 hours?

By doing so you’re going to help fellow teens in crisis. But you’re also gonna help yourself…

How does going technology-free for 24 hours help ME?

By participating in a KT4T-a-THON (being technology free for 24 hours), it will raise your awareness of the ways technology is a “positive” in your life, and also how it can be a “negative.” The experience will inspire you to let technology enhance your life rather than rule it. A KT4T-a-THON will also give you the opportunity to connect with family and friends – old and new – in deeper way that isn’t always possible when technology is present. For more thoughts about how your participation in a KT4T-a-THON is going to help you, click here.

What is a KT4T-a-THON?

A KT4T-a-THON is the 24 hour period during which teens and those who care about them pledge to go technology-free. A KT4T-a-THON has events throughout that 24 hour period which help teens remain technology-free by connecting them – in the spirit of UBUNTU* – to family and friends. For more information about how to plan a KT4T-a-THON, and how it works, click here.

When is the next KT4T-a-THON that I can participate in?

That’s up to you! Your options are to:
-have your school, place of worship, or organization sponsor a KT4T-a-THON. Click here to learn more.
-plan your very own personal KT4T-a-THON. You can do it all by yourself, with family members, or a circle of friends. Click here to learn more.
-participate in International “KT4T Day,” (September 22nd) when teens across America and around the world stage a global KT4T-a THON.
Can people other than teens participate in a KT4T-a-THON?

-Yes! Anyone can participate in a KT4T-a-THON. There are other ways too that teens, adults, and businesses can support teens in crisis through kNOw Tech4Teens. Click here to learn more.

*What’s the word?

The word of KT4T is UBUNTU – a Zulu concept that means “a person is a person through other people.” Only via our relationships with other humans (as a child, parent, student, teacher, spouse, sibling, friend) can we realize our full potential as a human being.

Is kNOw Tech4Teens anti-technology?

Not at all! In fact, KT4T loves tecnology. After all, we use use it (by NOT using it LOL) as a way to help teens in crisis. Technology can enhance our lives, or rule our lives. kNOw Tech4Teens aims to facilitate the latter by encouraging teens to “tech to live and not live to tech.”

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