17 days since I’ve been without a cell phone and I’m still loving it.

Of course I’m still learning how to communicate sufficiently in my professional and personal life without the use of a cell phone.  And yes, some people are very upset with me for doing this. Though, I can’t say I’ve been less in touch with anyone.

But I have to say, I feel more focused, centered, and present than ever before.  I don’t think people realize how often they are checking or are on their phones, breaking their attention on the matter at hand.

It was really something to be out on Christmas Eve for dinner and to watch the people at the tables around me with their phones out.  Here they were, all dressed up, celebrating what for them is the most special holiday of the year, and they all were ignoring their dinner companions.  One table remained on their phones for the entire meal.  What exactly was so important on Christmas Eve? Maybe they were tracking Santa’s location on the globe…

The world has gone MAD with their cell phones.


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